''AEROLITE manufactures high-quality EMS medical equipment to rescue and transport the injured people, therefore I'm motivated to develop life-saving products every day.''

Gerhard Orthaber, Senior Design Engineer

''Flexibility and independence for my daily work, identify me in AEROLITE.''

René Murer, Warehouse Manager

''It's great to work at a company with such interesting projects, whose products help to save lives daily.''

Patrick Cavigelli, Leader Workshops

''Programming, milling, quality conrol of parts and the installation of equipment in local and foreign locations challenge me every day, over and over again. I can experience all these versatile challenges only at AEROLITE.''

Martin Wyrsch, Composite Specialist

''I'm happy to come to work every day knowing that, high quality, cleanliness, and experience are absolute essentials, our AEROLITE products are born from them.''

Reto Achermann, Mechanics




















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